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Posts tagged as “sun tzu”

“Notes on Thucydides”

The dialogue between the Athenians and the Melians in Thucydides’ famous essay “The Peloponnesian War” remains important and current for several reasons: Montinari interprets Nietzsche’s “blond beast” as revealing that human society is founded on terrible acts. This is reflected in Thucydides’ history, where the Athenians, despite being…

Raymond Aron’s reflection on Mao Zedong’s political and strategic thought

Given the complexity of Mao’s political and strategic reflection analyzed in the 1970s by Raymond Aron, in order to make it clearer, we have decided to divide the French political scientist’s reflection into eleven parts and analyze them separately. Mao Zedong: A Revolutionary and Governmental Career More Extended…

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