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Notes on the failures of Biden’ s foreign policy

Avdiivka is nearing a critical collapse as Ukrainian forces are compelled to withdraw, an event that Italian media and politics choose to overlook, despite its strategic significance possibly surpassing that of Bakhmut. The reluctance to delve into Avdiivka’s situation stems from the belief that a Russian victory is inevitable, reflecting a certain hesitance in providing a comprehensive overview of events. This attitude mirrors the trend in Italian media coverage, often avoiding discussion on the more uncomfortable or challenging aspects of international politics. The direct confrontation strategies in Ukraine, advocated by Biden and Ursula von der Leyen, are seen as failures, based on unrealistic expectations of Ukrainian military dominance over Russia. The current situation highlights an underestimation of Russia’s resilience, leading to attempts by Biden to assign blame for the failure to external factors, including Republican opposition. Concurrently, the conflict in Gaza serves both to divert attention from the Ukrainian crisis and to expose the contradictions of Western democracies regarding respect for human rights and international law. Biden’s belated stance against the operation in Rafah and his acknowledgment of the unfeasibility of eliminating Hamas underscore the complexity of political dynamics affecting American decisions in the region. The narrative emerging from these events underscores a series of defeats and calamities under the Biden administration, with profound implications not just for the directly involved regions but also for the global perception of the effectiveness and morality of American foreign policies. From Ukraine to Palestine, Biden’s approach reveals a concerning record of failures, raising questions about the direction of American foreign policy and its impact on global stability.

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