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Note on Gaza and the International Criminal Court

In a period marked by political and ethical darkness, South Africa emerges as a ray of hope, taking significant actions at the United Nations’ International Court of Justice against Netanyahu’s government for its actions in Gaza. This move not only recalls South Africa’s historic struggle against apartheid, but also evokes the support Tel Aviv provided to the South African apartheid regime, even sharing nuclear technology.

Today’s political reality, however, appears distorted and unbelievable, as demonstrated by the stance of the Italian Foreign Minister Tajani, who prematurely declared Israel’s innocence, reflecting a Western political-media landscape that buries law, ethics, and truth. Meanwhile, in Gaza, there is a shift, with civil society awakening and growing outrage over the massacre of innocents, perhaps marking the beginning of a new era of mobilization for peace.

The implications of these political dynamics are vast, extending to the conflict in Yemen, where Anglo-Americans continue to support military operations, despite their ineffectiveness against the Houthi resistance. This strategy, which seems to have broader objectives such as a potential conflict with Iran, overlooks the needs of European peoples, sacrificed for the interests of arms and energy oligarchies.

In the European context, Zelensky’s figure in the Ukrainian conflict becomes a symbol of a Western policy that has lost its soul. The European strategy, focused more on safeguarding its image than on the actual resolution of the conflict, ties into widespread misinformation about Russia’s true military intentions, reminiscent of past war propaganda.

This global scenario paints a picture of international politics where truth is frequently sacrificed for political and strategic interests. The risk is repeating the mistakes of the past, as in the case of Vietnam, where war propaganda and failed strategies led to devastating consequences, a lesson that seems to be forgotten in the rush towards new conflicts.

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